LTS Elite 100 Combine offers non-biased reliable information for evaluating and recruiting college-bound student athletes.  The combine format will allow college recruiters to be more efficient in finding student athletes to fit their program’s needs.

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of students nationwide who have the ability and potential to play big time college football, but do not receive a scholarship.  Are they not good enough?  Is the guy from the other school that much better?  NOT NECESSARILY...   All too often, athletes are overlooked simply because they weren’t given the opportunity. Our main goal is for the player, as well as their family, to leave our event with a better understanding of the recruiting process and comfort in knowing that they are on the right track. Unfortunately, not everyone will be given a Division 1 scholarship, but playing in other divisions could afford student athletes an opportunity to get an education while playing the sport they love.

Our combines are not just a "cattle call" where we run players in and out and the value of the experience is diluted.  We create an atmosphere and environment uncommon in the high school combine world.  Our approach is to make our combine an event to be shared with athletes and their families. Quality testing and a recruiting seminar will add to the overall combine experience.  After the athletes finish participating in the skills tests, they- along with their family- can attend open Q&A forums where they learn more about the recruiting process from a representative of Student Athlete Showcase.  The reality is that the majority of football players will not play Division 1 football.  Our combines are to fill a niche of giving players exposure to play on other levels bringing coaches from Division II, III, NAIA, and junior colleges to the event.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our services, processes, and/or procedures.  We look forward to seeing your players represent your school at our high school football combine.


Benefits of the Combine

ü Exposure to college football coaches

ü Explanation of the recruiting process by the SAS

ü Q& A Session 

ü 40 Yard Dash Manual

ü Online Database complete with results

ü Educational tools to succeed in college




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